Closing our 2nd Season

I am writing this story through the lens of myself, Torrie Rae, the market manager for the 2018 Nashville Farmer's Market Season.

It's been a fruitful year, and as the market closes we will review and utilize the observations of this year to tighten up and make processes a little easier and better for next year. It's nice to see people coming together and we invite more people to get involved for next year. The biggest thing we need help with is getting the word out. There's a large grass field for other events to happen at the same time as market. Yoga, outdoor activities, etc. There is a lot of potential for growth and sustainability of the market.

We always need more vendors. The more the lot is full, the more people it brings. It’s an interesting cycle. The community would like to see more consistency in the vendors coming each week, and the vendors would like to see more people come each week. We know that it takes both the vendors and the community in conjunction and support of one another to build it. It’s a symbiosis thing. The Nashville Farmer’s Market thanks those who have come and vended at our market these last two seasons as well as the dedicated volunteers and community members who come out for show support. The hope is that as it grows, people will try it again and grow with us. :)

The interesting thing is, just like building any business - we know that it takes some time. We are still in the process of learning the ropes and how to serve the community and collaborate with other organizations. Learning how to get the word out, etc. We want to see more people and organizations come together because naturally there is a lot of community overlap and new connections making and forming as this market grows. Please reach out if you have collaboration ideas or want to help in any way!

In the two year season, we have seen a few new budding food businesses pop up to serve the niches at the market in regards to prepared foods. There is room for more prepared foods. The audience at this market is part local and of course part tourist because of the location. They ask for food to munch on, coffee to sip on - while sitting and listening to the music at the market. There’s room for vendors to fill that niche.

We have an astounding list of local musicians who play each week under the shade tree at the entrance of the market. It’s been discussed that without this music element, the market would have a completely different feel. We value the music and what it brings, and we hope that you do, too. We invite you to bring a lawn chair and come hang out and listen to some music! Every Sunday. May-Oct. 11-2PM.

Thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers. Thank you to those who come to show support of all things local. Thank you to the musicians who braved rain and extreme heat. Thank you to the vendors. Tell a friend we are going again next year! Again: Information regarding paperwork, applications, contracts, etc. can be found on our website.

Our Address:

51 State Road 46 E Nashville, Indiana

Thank you for taking the time to check in with our market!

Please consider joining us as we build this market and it’s vendor base, community engagement, and it’s following!

~ Torrie Rae or

Market Manager 2018