SNAP / Market Bucks

Market Bucks—Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
SNAP improves access among low-income populations to fresh, local food while increasing the customer base for Market vendors. During Market hours, at the Market Information Table, food assistance recipients can exchange the electronic SNAP benefits on their Hoosiers Works cards for Market Bucks (vouchers valued at $3 each). The Market Bucks can be spent with participating farmers and prepared food vendors for allowable foods.

Allowable and Non-allowable Foods – Allowed foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy products, bread and other baked goods, cereal and edible grains, packaged foods not intended for on-site consumption, and plants or seeds which will produce food for the SNAP user’s consumption. Packaged coffee and tea may be purchased, but not brewed coffee or tea prepared for on-site consumption.

Disallowed products include foods sold hot or prepared for on-site consumption, wine, any hot or cold prepared beverages, any foods purchased with the intent of re-selling and any non-food items.