Meet our Vendors



Schooner Creek Farm

Location: Brown County, Indiana

Schooner Creek Farm is nestled in the rolling hills of Brown County and was established in 2011. High quality, nutritious produce- vegetables, herbs, berries, & flowers-and fresh eggs from “pastured" laying hens- without the use of any synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or Gmo's. We are a “no-till” farm, growing in loamy creek-bottom soil. We preserve the precious topsoil by utilizing layers of straw, hay, manure, and minerals to produce healthy food for our farmer’s market customers and CSA members. We grow a wide variety of heirlooms. Some of our specialties include Shallots, Costata Romanesco Zucchini, French Breakfast Radishes, Romaine Lettuce, Carrots, Culinary Herbs & Tomatoes. Schooner Creek Farm is also home to Sarah’s weaving studio, where she hand dyes natural yarns with herbs & flowers, and weaves them on a loom to create one-of-a-kind, Earth- inspired textiles and clothing. 

Harvest Goose

Location: Brown County, Indiana

Harvest Goose is a small, local business focused finding low maintenance ways to incorporate food sources into our surroundings through edible landscaping, foraging, and other means that recognize Brown County's unique resources and challenges when it comes to traditional gardening.  Harvest Goose is owned and operated by Kara Hammes.  Kara inherited her love of plants and growing food from her mom and grandpa and feels strongly that our gardens and landscapes can be  beautiful, functional, and designed to require less work through integration with the surrounding environment.  Harvest Goose sells a variety of products at market, most notably focusing on unique simple syrups for lemonades and cocktails, hand block-printed t-shirts, edible landscaping plants, and seasonal wreaths.

Kara lives in Brown County with her husband and two young children and is looking forward to another successful season vending at the Nashville Farmers Market.  However, for Kara's family, the market goes beyond being a place for Harvest Goose to vend; it also provide a source of activities and sense of community for the whole family.  In fact, whenever they drive by the Brown County Inn, her daughters still refer to it as "the Farmers Market place."